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December 1, 2020: Uploaded the new version of Date Change All, which allows for printing changed pages.
July 25, 2018: Uploaded the vastly improved and expanded Version 2.0 of MergePlus.
July 18, 2018: Uploaded revised SaveAs macro, removing the DOCX option.
July 17, 2018: Uploaded new MergeCodesDisplayToggle macro, added more icons to the toolbar icons set.
June 7, 2018: Updated number conversion macro to allow for calling it with parameters during a merge process.
May 20, 2016: Updated "SaveAs" macro.
February 22, 2016: Added new "SaveAs" macro.
October 29, 2015: Updated MAKMacros.zip file, added ABA materials.
April 4, 2014: Updated Envelope macro, which was crashing under Windows 7 64-bit.
April 2, 2012: Updated Peachtree accounting forms.
November 7, 2011: Updated Save & Mirror macro to version 1.3, removed the PDF Create stuff, which is really obsolete. Updated ConvNum macro to 2.02.
December 14, 2010: Added "Draft" macro to update the "Draft" watermark and turn it on or off.
December 1, 2010: Updated "Draft" watermark, including the date, uploaded.
May 26, 2010: All InfoCentral stuff moved to the InfoCentral page.
March 24, 2010: "Transfer Value" InfoCentral macros bugfix.
April 27, 2009: MergePlus macro added.
October 3, 2008: Merge Techniques file uploaded.
May 18, 2008: "InfoCentral for Linux" link added, and a couple of links fixed.
January 25, 2008: PrintOC.wcm macro for WordPerfect uploaded.
September 10, 2007: "Manual Install" of InfoCentral removed. It just won't run under Windows Vista at all.
June 16, 2007:
Version 3.3 of MultiMerge macro uploaded.
June 6, 2007: Version 1.2 of the new area code database for InfoCentral uploaded.
March 29, 2007: Version 0.1 of the "Manual Install" version of InfoCentral uploaded.
January 4, 2007: Version 1.07 of Address Book macro uploaded, to update the standalone version. It's still not as current as the stuff in Modular Macros, but adds a dialog box to find InfoCentral if it cannot locate it in the Registry.
October 19, 2006: New PDFFlatten.zip uploaded, containing a REG file to flatten PDFs from Windows Explorer. No WordPerfect macro needed. Instructions in the ReadMe.
September 29, 2006: Version 2.00 of ConvNum, my venerable number conversion macro, uploaded.
March 27, 2006: Version 1.00 of InfoCentral macro "FindString" uploaded as a part of Modular Macros.
December 12, 2005: Version 3.22 of MultiMerge uploaded, major bug relating to data and form files in same directory fixed. Family picture removed (new one put on family page: koenecke.us)
July 14, 2005: PDFFlatten macro uploaded.
May 27, 2005: Version 3.02 of MultiMerge uploaded. Speed tweaks and cosmetic enhancements, plus one minor bug eliminated.
May 26, 2005: Version 3.0 of MultiMerge uploaded. Not only is automatic saving added, but the whole thing is sped up and made generally slicker by callbacks. And I added a Web page to describe it.
May 25, 2005: Version 2.2 of MultiMerge, easier to configure and with better file checking, uploaded.
May 24, 2005: Uploaded MultiMerge macro for WordPerfect.
March 9, 2005
: Uploaded Version 2.2 of the Modular Macros.
February 22, 2005: Uploaded Version 2.0 of the Modular Macros.
January 4, 2005: Added a keyboard function key template for people to print out and use.
December 14, 2004: Spiffed up the main page a bit and replaced the picture with a newer one.
November 22, 2004:
Version1.0 of updated area code and state database for InfoCentral uploaded, correction to two area codes in West Texas made. Since I have not received any corrections, I'm calling this the 1.0 version.
July 23, 2004: Version 0.5 of updated area code and state database for InfoCentral uploaded, many time zone corrections and a couple of area codes I missed.
July 22, 2004: Version 0.4 of updated area code and state database for InfoCentral uploaded, includes formatting improvements.
July 21, 2004: Version 0.3 of updated area code database for InfoCentral uploaded, includes MANY corrections to wpicarea.dbl.
July 21, 2004: Version 0.2 of updated area code database for InfoCentral uploaded, includes updated State database and instructions.
July 19, 2004: Version 0.1 of updated area code database for InfoCentral uploaded.
May 4, 2004:
Peachtree Accounting blank check template updated, adding a blank deposit ticket template.
March 19, 2004: Version 1.4 of ModularMacros uploaded, with much improved address selection and macros that will work in European usage..
February 20, 2004:
Stamps.com WordPerfect macro uploaded.
February 14, 2004: Version 1.1 of "FixInstall" uploaded for  InfoCentral installation. This should work properly now.
February 12, 2004:
Version 1.3 of ModularMacros uploaded, adding Push to Outlook.mac.
February 10, 2004: Version 1.23 of ModularMacros uploaded, with a fix to a bug introduced in pGetData.mac.
February 9, 2004: Version 1.22 of ModularMacros uploaded, with an improved version of EMail and pGetData; EMail now allows selection from connected organizations.
February 8, 2004: Version 1.21 of ModularMacros uploaded, with a slightly improved MultiCon.
January 26, 2004: Newer version of ModularMacros uploaded, with optimized code for MapIt and restoring the option to use MapQuest or Yahoo Maps. "Macros and Dependencies" updated to make it more accurate.
January 25, 2004: Uploaded version 2.1 of MultiCon.mac, which allows one to connect to Categories, Files, Folders, and Disk Drives, and has better error-trapping code.
January 24, 2004: Added the new MultiCon.mac to Modular Macros, which presents lists of categories and connections to choose from, to Modular Macros.
January 22, 2004: Moved off of AOL and on to its own server and domain.
January 20, 2004: Mike's Modular Macros for InfoCentral uploaded.
January 4, 2004: New SendKeys.wcm macro uploaded.
December 20, 2003: Updated ICAccess.zip macros uploaded.
April 10, 2003: Updated Menu.zip uploaded, along with a brief description of how to customize InfoCentral.
April 3, 2003: Version 1.0 of ICListInfol.zip uploaded: export contents of Outline tabs to formatted text for printing.
March 26, 2003: Version 2.5 of ICEmail.zip uploaded: now handles hex exports from RegEdit to generate command line.
March 24, 2003: New version (2.4) of ICEmail.zip (InfoCentral e-mail macro) uploaded.
December 10, 2002: New version of MapIt uploaded, which works with long directory names (like Internet Explorer uses).
October 11, 2002: New versions of MapIt, Internet, and ICEMail macros for InfoCentral, having solved the intermittent lockup problem.
August 26, 2002: Uploaded version 1.1 of "MapIt.zip," which allows for different field names and adds Yahoo Maps.
August 23, 2002: Uploaded "MapIt.zip," an archive containing the InfoCentral map-getting macro.
July 24, 2002: Uploaded "Internet.zip," an archive containing the InfoCentral Internet Access macro.
May 30, 2002: Uploaded "All.zip," an archive containing all my WordPerfect and InfoCentral macros.
May 13, 2002: Uploaded Version 2 of ICEmail.zip, eliminating the PerfectScript component and adding list function.
April 22, 2002: Uploaded ICEmail.zip, InfoCentral and PerfectScript e-mail macros.
February 14, 2002: Uploaded new version of MacroMenu.zip, allowing play or edit. 
February 11, 2002: Uploaded MacroMenu.zip, plus new version of DepositTicket.zip.
February 7, 2002: Version 1.1 of "MozPrint.zip," which now can close the Mozilla QuickLaunch stub, uploaded.
February 6, 2002: "SetupIC.exe" automated InfoCentral, NT-Enabled Setup program uploaded.
January 31, 2002: "MozPrint.zip" macro to handle WordPerfect 10 printing with Mozilla uploaded.
January 3, 2002: Revised "ICAccess" macro that works in NT, "PalmExpoList" and "AddInternet" InfoCentral macros uploaded.
December 28, 2000: Revised "AddressBook" combo WordPerfect/InfoCentral macro, uploaded.
October 20, 2000: Uploaded "Why InfoCentral?" essay.
October 12, 2000: Uploaded my InfoCentral, NT-Enabled Version"setup" program to the InfoCentral IBases page, so that those without the newest version can now get it.
September 27, 2000: Fixed bad graphic files (Envelope.bmp, EnvPrint.bmp, LabPrint.bmp), added AddressBook.bmp, removed obsolete ImpoExpo.wcm from Envelope utilities.
August 25, 2000: Uploaded newer version (2.3) of PDFCreate (in MAKMacros), plus German and Spanish versions of PDFCreate. Removed the InfoCentral "updated" area code files, which do not work properly.
August 22, 2000: Uploaded newer version of Word Cleanup.wcm in "MAKMacros". Slightly reorganized, but no substantive changes.
July 28, 2000: Uploaded newer version of ICAccess.zip, with bug fixes and complete functionality.
July 20, 2000: Uploaded new versions of PDFCreate (formerly CreatePDF) and PDFAuto macros, plus versions in German and Spanish. Added foreign language files, and removed foreign language versions from main archive.
July 14, 2000: Uploaded ToolIcons.zip, the collection of WordPerfect toolbar icons.
July 12, 2000: Uploaded the InfoCentral API files.
July 8, 2000: Uploaded my default template.
July 7, 2000: Dates added to files on main page so users can check for updates more easily. Improved version of DepositTicket.wpt uploaded.
June 20, 2000: Version 1.11 of ICAccess.zip released. Suffixes added to person list Problem where InfoCentral cannot find the macro fixed. Bitmap for toolbar added.
June 16, 2000: Version 1.1 of ICAccess.zip released. E-Mail capability enhanced. Now you can choose from what is in any category, or what is *on* any Tab. FastFind button added, too. Web access added. FastFind added.
June 8, 2000: Version 1.01 of ICAccess.zip released. WordPerfect 8-related bugs finally exterminated; plus, E-Mail capability activated.
June 7, 2000: Revised version of ICAccess.zip released. Faster, more reliable, and errors relating to its use in WordPerfect 8 fixed.
June 5, 2000: First version of the InfoCentral/WordPerfect utility, renamed "ICAccess.wcm" (for InfoCentral Access) released. Now you can Insert and Delete your InfoCentral objects from within WordPerfect. Works pretty nifty, and is a whole lot faster than the beta version. Let me know of any glitches you find.
May 31, 2000: I finished the InfoCentral/WordPerfect merge utility! Beta version uploaded.
May 29, 2000: Oops. A savvy user noticed that CONVNUM chokes on zeroes. I fixed that problem, and uploaded the revised macro. I am almost done with a pretty nifty WordPerfect/InfoCentral integration macro, that allows one to select entries from InfoCentral *from within WordPerfect*. Eventually I'll have a complete front end for InfoCentral virtually indistinguishable from the native Address Book.
May 12, 2000: Uploaded "EnvBeta9.zip" and "EnvBeta8.zip," beta releases of version 3.1 of the Envelope macro, and the ReadMe file for them.
May 9, 2000: "Screenshot.zip" changed into a Web page.
May 7, 2000: InfoCentral IBases page revised; new link added to program.
May 4, 2000: New version of CONVNUM.WCMadded to MAKMACROS.ZIP. This new version has been re-coded for much faster execution.

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