Mike's Modular Macros
Current Version: 2.31
(Download all this stuff from here.)

    Version 2.31 Note: "Transfer Value" macros tweaked to fix bug.

    Version 2.3 Note: "FindStrings" general search macro added: now you can search for all occurrences of any string through all objects!.

    Version 2.2 Note: Besides minor tweaks, Transfer Value and Transfer Any Value macros added.

    Version 2.0 Note: The only real improvements in functionality are that MapIt works a lot better, since addresses are turned into postal service abbreviations (United States), and EMail.mac works better since it now will display e-mail addresses in links. The GetData procedure has been streamlined and is faster. I also added a macro which changes the Local directory, in case you want something other than the default. I have changed all the procedures to having ".proc" suffixes, so that it is clear that these are not intended to be compiled, so all the macros should be replaced at once.

    It occurred to me some time ago that all my InfoCentral macros have different code for doing the same things within InfoCentral. Particularly, getting an object and its information should be standardized, so one doesn't have to redo a dozen separate macros every time one figures out a better way to do something. The variables should be standardized, so everything can work together. And so on. So I did it, rewriting all of the macros I use most, and placing the common routines into procedures. This took a long time and lots of work, but the result is worth it, and makes new macros far easier to come up with. What this means: you can write your own macros using these procedures, and develop your own ways to export information. What they do: copy object names, do e-mail, export objects, find and replace, export list information, access the Internet, get maps, run utilities, and export information to all sorts of other programs. The list is too long to put on this page, so click here for the list of all the macros in the collection.

How to use: copy the contents, subdirectories and all, into your InfoCentral Local directory (where, for instance, the file LABELS.INI can be found). Select "MAKMenu.mnw" as your menu, which adds Macro Edit and Run to the menu, plus a bunch of custom commands. Modify "MAKMenu" as you please.

Also included is a WordPerfect section, which contains the macros in WordPerfect format plus some helpful WordPerfect macros. That is how I write these, since InfoCentral's macro editor is really primitive. I hyperlink to procedures, redline comments, and have bookmarks scattered about. All one needs to do is save to plain text and then compile within InfoCentral. Needless to say, there's "ICMacroSave" to do that automatically (saves as WordPerfect, strips the "wpd" extension and saves as plain text in InfoCentral macro directory). There are also macros to add and remove "tabs" (I indent in InfoCentral using two spaces, because it's plain text), add bookmarks equalling the selected text, add hyperlinks to the selected text, and so on. The full description is here.
Future macros: "Export List" (to generic, Palm Desktop, or Outlook) has to be rewritten to use the procedures, but will be slick when it is. ICAccess needs to be revamped. And I'm going to think about trying to create a Palm conduit for InfoCentral using Delphi. Any help there?

Much more detailed information is in the document "Macros and Dependencies," which is included. As always, the warranty on these macros is limited to refunding what you paid for them, which is zip. But do let me know if you run into problems, and I'll try to fix them.
(Download all this stuff from here.)
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Last updated: March 24, 2010
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